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Finding an Empty Leg Private Jet Flight

An Empty Leg flight is simply a flight on a private jet that is positioning to or from picking up or dropping off passengers on an existing charter.

At Flitestar, we regularly receive requests for Empty Leg flights. At the moment, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and all of its associated travel restrictions, there are far fewer Empty Leg flights available than usual. To cater for these requests, we are thrilled to introduce, a great resource for savvy travellers to search for Empty Leg flights across a multitude of aircraft operators and countries worldwide.

The easiest way to use our site is to create an EMPTY LEG Monitor. Simply pop in your desired routing, a date range and away you go. If there are currently any available flights, you will automatically be notified by email. The same goes for if any flights in that date range that come available. Behind the scenes, our team of Charter Professionals also receive your request and commence regular searches using alternate systems in case anything suitable pops up.

You can create an Empty Leg Monitor on our Home Page. Likewise, do familiarise yourself with our FAQ page so that you fully understand how travelling on a Private Jet Empty Leg works.

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